Water Facts

We've seen just about everything possible coming out of the tap, let us give you the Facts.

“Over 25 million people got water that had significant violations posing serious threats to public health and another 58 million people got water last year that violated testing and purity standards. Federal and state programs charged with enforcing the nations safe drinking water laws are not working, undermined by inadequate funding, inaccurate data, a soft regulatory and weak political support. At the same time, powerful new pollutants imperil the water supply, from hard to kill bacteria to industrial and agricultural toxins. Yet water systems increasingly rely on miles of aging pipelines, deficient treatment equipment and poorly trained operators to make water safe.”

“They figure you don’t drink the water anyway” Most people don’t drink the city water they drink bottled water, pop, and coffee. Fact is, neither the state nor the federal government expect 1% of the 2.5 billion gallons delivered will be used for drinking water. (this does not include cooking water necessary for recipes.) The vast majority of water is used for, sprinkling lawns, washing cars, laundry, showering, baths, and for commercial purposes.

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