The Most Comprehensive Water Treatment App Available

Receive important alerts and reminders, track usage and see how much you’ve saved — all on your mobile device!


Features of the Wripli® Mobile App

This powerful digital resource connects with technology-enabled softeners on a dedicated WiFi network so you can receive alerts, track usage and see how much you’ve saved — anytime, anywhere!

Current Flow Rate
See real-time water use inside
your home at any time.

Capacity Remaining
View the remaining amount of treated
water available before the system
needs to regenerate.

Today’s Water Usage
Monitor the total number of
gallons used in your home today.

Total Gallons Saved
When paired with Water Efficient Technology, Wripli will show you how much water you have saved since installation.

Peak Flow Rate
Track the highest water flow rate
for the past seven days.

Total Pounds of Salt Saved
With Water Efficient Technology installed, discover how much softener salt you have saved since installation, compared to a traditional system.

Vacation Mode
Activate this exclusive water-saving feature from anywhere you travel—ON when you’re away, OFF when you’re home.

Historical Data
View records of your water usage, capacity, flow rates and more since the system’s installation.

Get Started?
Find out more about the Wripli mobile app and activating it with your new or existing water softener from Commers.

Stay Connected with Notifications

Salt Reminders
Wripli will tell you when your system is low or out of salt.

Service Alarm
Know when it is time to perform scheduled maintenance on your unit.

System Errors
Receive an alert if your system ever encounters an error.


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