Commers Well Water W.E.T System

Introducing Commers W.E.T. (Water Efficient Technology) system, the softener with a brain. A W.E.T. softener from Commers provides more gallons of soft water while using less salt, reducing the amount of salt you need to purchase.


Choose From 2 Sizes

Grouping of Well W.E.T. water Softeners

Interested in the W.E.T. System Water Softener?

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Our W.E.T. System Comes In 2 Sizes

Four convenient sizes for any size or usage include 50 and 75.

Our most advanced, highest-efficiency water softener.

  • Smart display with the patented W.E.T. system monitors system performance.
  • 21-day variable reserve accurately tracks & predicts daily water use.
  • Counter-current regeneration improves system performance & efficiency.
  • Soft water brining adds years of trouble-free service.
  • Precise proportional brining and regeneration optimize performance by using only the exact amount of salt and water you need, when you need it.
  • High 1” flow rates sustain household water pressure with multiple users.
  • Lithium battery backup protects system settings from power failure.
  • 9 programmable cycles provide flexibility to treat a range of water problems.
  • 7-year warranty on the valve & all parts, lifetime warranty on both tanks.
  • Can be customized and sized to fit your family’s needs.

Our W.E.T. Softeners are equipped with technology solutions from Commers that will save water and salt

  • WHY WASTE WATER? Proportional regeneration saves up to 50% on the water that cleans your softener.
  • WHY WASTE SALT? Proportional brining saves up to 50% on the salt that that cleans your softener.
  • HOW DOES W.E.T. COMPARE? Expect 18% higher savings in salt and water compared to other high efficiency softeners.
  • Equipped with wripli®, our comprehensive water treatment app. Receive alerts, track usage, and see how much you’ve saved — anytime, anywhere!

Provides Automatic, Efficient Water Conditioning

Unlike conventional downflow water conditioners that do not fully regenerate the ion exchange bed, the W.E.T. system uses counter-current regeneration, which allows the water leaving the tank to pass through the most highly conditioned zone in the ion exchange bed. This ensures maximum efficiency and consistent conditioned water quality. Efficient conditioners will save you money, and help the environment.

Features of the wripli® Mobile App

Using a dedicated WiFi network, wripli® enabled units are capable of wirelessly transferring information and notifications to the palm of your hand. This technology pairs the on-demand habits of today’s buyers to the advanced features of our water softeners to create one powerful digital resource.

Convenient Brine Tank Options

Our water softeners come with different size brine tanks to fit any space large or small. See the options below

  • 11” x 11” x 33” – Ideal for any “tight squeeze” situation. (120 lbs. capacity)
  • 15” x 17” x 33” – A space saver with greater salt storage. (200 lbs. capacity)
  • 18” dia x 33” – The standard if space permits. (250 lbs. capacity)
  • 18” dia x 40” – Used for our large capacity units. (300 lbs. capacity)

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Customized Water Treatment

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Water Softener Salt

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The water softener with a brain

Our most advanced, highest-efficiency systems are equipped with patented W.E.T. (Water Efficient Technology) that monitors and optimizes performance. WiFi-enabled features allow you to receive salt reminders, service alarms and system error alerts on the wripli® mobile app.


Our systems do more than soften your water

Soap scum, etched glassware and dry, scratchy skin caused by hard water are bad enough. Commers softeners can also solve problems with hydrogen sulfide, with its “rotten egg” smell,” and iron, which causes a metallic taste and smell, rust stains, and eventually severe damage to plumbing and appliances.


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