B Series – Chemical-Free Iron Filtration

The Commers B Series Iron Filtration System is a chemical-free alternative to traditional iron filters.


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B Series – Chemical-Free Iron Filtration

The Commers B Series Iron Filtration System is a chemical-free alternative to traditional iron filters. Designed to work in conjunction with a Commers IM or Evolve Series Softener, the B Series is the first line of treatment for iron-bearing private wells. The chemicals used in traditional iron filters require careful handling and can become a health hazard if used improperly. Our system features a highly customizable metered valve head. This valve head controls a filtration system that uses air to oxidize dissolved iron and effectively trap and filter the highest levels of iron without using expensive chemicals. The B Series is a critical piece of a properly designed Commers system that will provide clear, clean, soft and iron-free water throughout your home and make iron staining a thing of the past.

Our B Series – Chemical-Free Iron Filtration System Comes In 2 Sizes

Two convenient sizes for any size or usage includes 50 and 75.

Features of the B Series

  • Patented “Inch Worm” technology eliminates noisy air discharge
  • Chemical-free backwashing
  • Easily programmed for optimum performance
  • Advanced history and diagnostic screens
  • Extended lithium battery backup
  • Extremely low-cost operation
  • Environmentally safe
  • Effective at removing low to high levels of ferric (red water iron) and ferrous (clear water iron) metals

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Commers Water Company offers a full range of water treatment, including water purification and filtration. Commers has been working with purification and drinking water concerns for more than 40 years, long before drinking water was a national concern. Commers invented its first drinking water system in 1978 and was the first to bring these types of systems to Minnesota. In a continuing effort to pioneer the drinking water field, Commers began to work with a new technology called reverse osmosis in 1980. Working closely with the inventor of residential reverse osmosis drinking systems for decades, Commers Water has more experience with drinking water systems and water purification than any other dealer in the State of Minnesota.

Convenient Brine Tank Options

Our water softeners come with different size brine tanks to fit any space large or small. See the options below

  • 11” x 11” x 33” – Ideal for any “tight squeeze” situation. (120 lbs. capacity)
  • 15” x 17” x 33” – A space saver with greater salt storage. (200 lbs. capacity)
  • 18” dia x 33” – The standard if space permits. (250 lbs. capacity)
  • 18” dia x 40” – Used for our large capacity units. (300 lbs. capacity)

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Hard water is bad enough, but well water often presents greater treatment challenges. For example, 15% of private wells in Minnesota exceed the legal limit for arsenic, which is a tasteless, odorless, invisible carcinogen. Other environmental factors, including iron, tannins and hydrogen sulfide, also plague well water.


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