Twin Demand Water Softener

The Commers Twin Demand System is great for large families or light commercial use. When tank A reaches 100% of its softening ability, the system automatically switches to tank B, giving you uninterrupted soft water.


Interested in the Commers Twin Demand Water Softener?

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Features of the Twin Demand Water Softener

  • Ideal for large families with high water use
  • Maximizes efficiency by using 100% of each tank’s ability to soften your water before switching to the auxiliary tank
  • Soft water brining and regeneration adds years of maintenance-free service
  • High performance 1-inch control valve and distributor ensure maximum water flow throughout your home
  • Twin tank design allows for 24-hour soft water service even during the regeneration cycle
  • Uses salt based only on your exact water usage
  • Lifetime warranty on all three tanks, 7-year warranty on the valve and all other parts
  • Can be customized and sized to fit your family’s needs

Provides Continuous, Efficient, Unlimited Water Conditioning

The Commers Twin Demand System will provide 24/7
soft water. When tank A uses 100% of its softening
ability, the system automatically switches to tank B, giving
you uninterrupted soft water. This unit is great for large
families or light commercial use.

Locally Manufactured Since 1947

  • Manufactured in Blaine, Minnesota by Commers Water
  • Convenient showrooms in Blaine, Minnetonka and Burnsville
  • Customized equipment to cure your water problems
  • Up to 32 different media available to solve any challenge
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Commers professional technicians handle all of our installation
    and service
  • Members of the BBB, National Water Quality Association and
    Minnesota Water Quality Association

Convenient Brine Tank Options

Our water softeners come with different size brine tanks to fit any space large or small. See the options below

  • 11” x 11” x 33” – Ideal for any “tight squeeze” situation. (120 lbs. capacity)
  • 15” x 17” x 33” – A space saver with greater salt storage. (200 lbs. capacity)
  • 18” dia x 33” – The standard if space permits. (250 lbs. capacity)
  • 18” dia x 40” – Used for our large capacity units. (300 lbs. capacity

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Customized Water Treatment

We’ll build a system that’s just right for you and your family.

Locally Owned

Your Minnesota water softener experts since 1947.

Certified Technicians

Friendly service when you need it from our trained, certified technicians.

Water Softener Salt

Trust our 99.6% pure salt for your softener. Call us or order online.

The water softener with a brain

Our most advanced, highest-efficiency systems are equipped with patented W.E.T. (Water Efficient Technology) that monitors and optimizes performance. WiFi-enabled features allow you to receive salt reminders, service alarms and system error alerts on the wripli® mobile app.


Our systems do more than soften your water

Soap scum, etched glassware and dry, scratchy skin caused by hard water are bad enough. Commers softeners can also solve problems with hydrogen sulfide, with its “rotten egg” smell,” and iron, which causes a metallic taste and smell, rust stains, and eventually severe damage to plumbing and appliances.


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