Water Softener Repair & Installation

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Commers Water services most makes of water softeners and drinking water units. We carry parts for many of the most popular brands in the area.

Signs Your Water Softener Needs Repair or Replacement

It can be hard to tell when a water softener stops working. You’ll know you need water softener system repair when you start to see signs of hard water or a failing water softener. These include:

  • Stiff or starchy laundry
  • Soap stops to lather
  • More water spots on your dishes and silverware
  • Lower water pressure within your house
  • Your skin is scratchier and hair is drier after you shower
  • Your faucets and drains show signs of crusty buildup
  • Your water tastes different or slightly salty

Water Softener Repair

When your water softener stops working, it’s vital that you have it serviced to prevent limescale and mineral buildup in your pipes and plumbing appliances. Whether you notice signs of hard water in your home or your water softener’s making a noise you don’t like, we’ll fix it quickly.

To get to the root of your water softener problem, we’ll:

  1. Clean the brine tank where hard water enters the system for treatment
  2. Remove accumulated iron from the resin bed
  3. Remove sediment buildup from the resin tank injector and bypass valves
  4. Recalibrate the softener system and top it off with salt

A Commers Water Expert is a licensed plumbing professional with knowledge of many different brands of water softeners and service a wide array of softener technology.

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