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Commercial Water Softeners

Commers has installed many commercial systems since 1947 for business and industry. We work with mechanical engineers and plumbing contractors to scope and size the proper systems for their applications. With a Commers Water commercial water softener, you will save on energy, equipment, plumbing repairs and general maintenance.

Benefits of a Commers Water Commercial Solution

  • You can extend the life of important equipment
  • Extend the life o your fixtures and linens
  • Save money while reducing the need for chemicals and detergents
  • Cleaner glassware and softer towels
  • Most important, beverages will taste better


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Commers Water offers a free in-home water analysis to determine if you have a problem with your drinking water or to determine the hardness of your water. Our water experts will test your water and discuss any issues found in your water test - at no cost or obligation.

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