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The Water Store Burnsville is convenient for the southern and eastern suburbs of the Twin Cities. Visit us if you want to see our water softeners and our reverse osmosis drinking water units. We also offer salt and other water conditioning accessories. Learn about the water quality in this area below.

Burnsville City Water Information

The city of Burnsville provides drinking water to its residents from surface and groundwater sources:

  • Surface water is drawn from the Kraemer Quarry
  • 17 wells ranging from 265 to 1030 feet deep that draw from the Jordan Mt. Simon, Prairie du Chien-Jordan and Franconia-Mt. Simon aquifers.

The City of Burnsville uses a combination of ground and surface water sources. In 2011, Burnsville pumped 3.26 billion gallons from both of these sources. The graph below illustrates the number of gallons pumped each month via ground and surface water.

The minerals calcium and magnesium cause water to be “hard.” These minerals are found in ground water throughout Minnesota, and Burnsville’s water supply wells are typical of the region.

Burnsville’s water hardness is 25 grains per gallon.

2011 Burnsville Drinking Water Report

Recommended Water Products for Burnsville Area and Surrounding Communities

To soften your water, please explore our water softeners for municipal water sources.

To remove contaminants and purify your drinking water, please explore our reverse osmosis drinking water systems.

Information obtained from The City of Blaine’s website and current drinking water report: City of Burnsville

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