Our water softeners come with different size brine tanks to fit any space large or small. See the options below

- 11” x 11” x 33” - Ideal for any “tight squeeze” situation. (120 lbs. capacity)
- 14” x 14” x 33” - A space saver with greater salt storage. (200 lbs. capacity)
- 18” dia x 33” - The standard if space permits. (250 lbs. capacity)
- 18” dia x 40” - Used for our large capacity units. (300 lbs. capacity)

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IM Series - Well Water Softener and Iron Filter

Unlike conventional downflow water conditioners, the IM series uses counter current regeneration to ensure maximum efficiency, consistent water quality and effective removal of iron and other trapped particles from the ion-exchange resin bed. In addition, the IM series uses soft water brining to protect the inner workings of the valve head from the wear and tear of iron bearing private wells, adding years of service life to your new softener. You'll enjoy the benefits of soft and iron free water for many years to come!

Features of the Commers 50 IM

  • Soften household water using minimal salt and water
  • Removes high levels of hardness
  • Removes a moderate to high amounts of iron
  • On demand metered unit offers maximum efficiency
  • Variable soft water reserve based on actual water usage over 21 days
  • Solid-state microprocessor with push button simplicity on the front panel
  • Stores system configuration & operating data, even during a power outage
  • Nine cycle regeneration process
  • Diagnostic capabilities second to none
  • Lifetime warranty on both tanks, five year warranty on the valve and all parts

Additional Options

  • Additional filtration components tackle the most difficult water problems
  • Remove high levels of Iron with no chemical upkeep
  • Hydrogen Sulfide removal to control nasty, “rotten egg” odors
  • Full one inch valving ensures maximum water flow rates

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