Our water softeners come with different size brine tanks to fit any space large or small. See the options below

- 11” x 11” x 33” - Ideal for any “tight squeeze” situation. (120 lbs. capacity)
- 14” x 14” x 33” - A space saver with greater salt storage. (200 lbs. capacity)
- 18” dia x 33” - The standard if space permits. (250 lbs. capacity)
- 18” dia x 40” - Used for our large capacity units. (300 lbs. capacity)

Learn more about our brine tanks here

Interested in the EM Series Water Softener?

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EM Series Water Softener

The Commers eM series is another great water softener for people who use municipal or home water. The eM series is ideal for families or small businesses with relatively small water usage. One of the Commers most affordable water softeners, this unit will provide your family or business many years of quality water softening. Like all of our other units in our lineup, the Commers eM water softener has an industry leading warranty and with our expert service from a Commers water professional, you can be certain that you made the right choice.

Features Of The Commers Em Series

  • Economical solution for your hard water problems
  • Fully metered, “On Demand” unit saves on salt & water usage
  • Space saving valve design fits where other softeners won’t
  • Easy to read LCD display shows time & gallons of soft water remaining
  • Backup capacitor retains system settings & time of day for over 24 hours
  • Full 1” valve ensures high service flow rates
  • Bypass valve included
  • Choice of 3 sizes of salt tanks to fit your needs
  • 10 year warranty on both tanks, 3 years on the valve & all parts
  • Can be customized and sized to fit your family’s needs

Efficient and Money Saving

The patented microprocessor keeps a running average of the previous 28 days of water usage and automatically adjusts to your family’s requirements.


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